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A long-overdue update

A set of 3 overdue updates about us and our business

NOTE: This post has been backdated from our Wixsite!

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Hi guys! Sorry it’s been a while, we’ve been busy here at Star Technology recently.

We’ve got a few major updates for you today:

Update 1/3:

We’re now confident that we’ve resolved most issues on our website and it seems to be very stable. We’re always looking to improve the site if we can, but we don’t focus on it anymore as we have been for the last few weeks.

Update 2/3:

We’re now sharing our office when we’re not using it at the time, which will have no impact on our business with our customers, it’s just something we thought to share with you all. The business we’re sharing with is unrelated to our own and we can’t name them for privacy reasons.

Update 3/3:

We’re working on a new PC build that we’re going to document with photos and share with everybody via this blog. The build is not something we’re going to sell or give away (yet!), rather it’s a build for founder Brandon P’s personal use.

We’re going to document the process from start to finish so it’s like bringing you guys along with the project! Here are some photos of the case we’ve just bought for it:

That’s all for today – thanks for tuning in!

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