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A massive day for our company!

We’ve had a very busy and important day!

NOTE: This post has been backdated from our Wixsite!

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Yesterday was a massive (albeit chaotic) day for us here at Star Technology – quite a few things happened and all within a fairly short space of time.

First and foremost, both of us are extraordinarily excited that we’ve now completed our first successful repair! To start, we should clarify that in September, we received a laptop at a bargain price that we intended to use in our office as part of the “Push for hardware” posts you may have seen on our social medias and right here on our blog. It needed a hard drive replacement (of which we had on-hand) and a new battery which wasn’t (necessarily) essential to the function of the laptop – we wiped the hard drive as per our standard procedure, the laptop continued to work very well for a few days. At some point, we disconnected the charger to move it so we could clean the desk under it – little did we know this would prevent the laptop from charging again 🙁

We were able to trace the issue to the charge connector inside the laptop and replace it. Now the laptop is once again in fully-working order – marking our first successful repair as a company.

On top of that, we also obtained an office chair which is going to allow us to spend more time in our office and get more work done when we do so – which is an incredible step forward for us and opens the gates to bigger opportunities in our future – and we intend to seize as many as possible!

After a potential concern that our store may not be accepting payments was brought to our attention a few days ago, we’ve conducted a full end-to-end test of the purchase and payment processing systems and found that only minor changes need to be made and as of today everything is confirmed to be operating as expected.

We’re also in the final stages on Phase 1 of the refreshment program and phase 2 is to begin shortly. We’re conducting some further quality checks and making some small tweaks where needed and then phase 1 will be complete. Here’s a full list of the changes:

  • Header was changed to contain a warning during Phase 1
  • We’ve relocated the “webmaster login” button from the header off pages to the private portal for security and aesthetics reasons
  • We’ve updated the footer and contact pages to reflect that our phone number hasn’t been working for a number of weeks
  • We’ve added public pages to the portal and changed the layout of the portal’s home page – one of which pertains to a pilot project that remains as-yet unannounced
  • We’ve added a hub to the portal for private pages for aesthetic and security reasons
  • We’ve updated the colour scheme on all our pages to be more consistent
  • We’ve replaced the stock images provided by Wix and Unsplash throughout our site with original photos
  • We’ve updated information on the home, about, FAQ and services pages to be up-to-date
  • We’ve updated our store page layout
  • We’ve began updating the products on our store, both custom builds and repaired devices
  • We’ve made alterations to the “Service” and “Reserved Instalment” policies
  • We’ve updated the categorisation on our blog and store pages
  • We’ve added “Like us on Facebook” and RSS feed links to the footer
  • We’ve added additional quotes to the home page and update their layout
  • We’ve made minor layout, spelling and grammar changes to all pages
  • We’ve removed coupons that are no longer available due to lost features or products
  • We’ve updated the remaining coupon codes to work with the new categorisation systems
  • We’ve relocated our contact information to the home page and removed the dedicated page

This list is also available in the new page dedicated to the refresh project, available in the portal.

Thanks for reading! We hope your day was as good as ours!

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