Linux Startup

Addressing the changes in Linux Mint

A quick announcement on our plans for OS support in the near future.

Hey everyone! As you all know, systems we ship currently come with Linux Mint 19.3 (the latest version) pre-installed.

However, Linux Mint 20 is due for release June 2020 (next month, at the time of writing). With it come some significant changes, but one in particular is a problem for us – 32-bit systems will no longer be supported. Most systems since the late 2000’s are 64-bit, but some systems we repair and resell are still 32-bit.

So here’s our plan (as it stands right now) – all 64-bit systems we sell will be shipped with Linux Mint 20, as we feel that’s still the most suitable distribution for our requirements, however, 32-bit systems will receive a blanket 10% discount (due to the lack of support), and will be shipped with LM 19.3 until 2022 (security updates for LM 19.3 don’t stop until 2023), at which point, we’ll probably cease selling 32-bit systems entirely as we predict that support for 32-bit will cease in most programs by that stage, anyway.

That’s all we have today, just a quick update on how we’re going to handle various system types over the near future. Thanks for reading!

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