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We’re almost ready!

Our official schedule for the days leading up to our big launch day

NOTE: This post has been backdated from our Wixsite!

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Hi Guys! If you’ve been keeping up with our website lately you’ll know it’s been updated many times today and yesterday – we’re now very close to ready to go, our to-do list is short enough that we can read it without scrolling!

We’ve now got an official schedule!

Friday 9th August:

Saturday & Sunday 10th-11th August:

  • We’ll be repairing a Samsung Galaxy S6 we have to use with a new business-only number and apps for our business purposes
  • We’ll be last-minute error-checking our entire website, making minor tweaks to improve customer experience if needed

Monday 12th August:

  • Our store will go live for the first time and we can start accepting orders!
  • (UNCONFIRMED) We may begin an advertising campaign for our brand

Thanks for reading! We hope your as excited as us for the big day – stay tuned for more updates

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