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An exciting new partnership and Twitter quarrels

A quick breakdown of our brand new partnership and Twitter issues

NOTE: This post has been backdated from our Wixsite!

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We’ve got another exciting announcement today – we’ve partnered with Gold IT services who are a local company that provide support for Windows-based products and can build Windows-based machines. A link to their website can be found over on our home page. This partnership does not affect any of our services, it simply means that if someone simply doesn’t want Linux on a new PC or to install Windows themselves, we can refer them over to Gold IT, who does the same with their customers except with regards to Linux, not Windows.

Last point of the day, Twitter. We discovered yesterday (7th October 2019) that Twitter had suspended our account with no discernible reason or email notification and we were unable to Tweet or change any settings. We got in touch with the help team who today restored our access to the account. So all is back to normal over there.

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