Frozen Business

COVID-19 and today’s announcement has forced us to freeze our business affairs to comply with the new restrictions.

Unfortunately, earlier today the Prime Minister announced nationwide restrictions on the actions of all brits.

To enable compliance with the new rules, official business affairs are being halted, as there is unfortunately little work we are able to from home. Here’s a list of what WILL be halted:

  • All product sales
  • Business transactions (due to loss of income)
  • Sign-ups will (temporarily) be disabled
  • Communications may not be monitored as often

Here are the services which will continue:

  • The majority of our site will remain available
  • We’re going to begin working on Project FUJI again in our free time

We apologise for this from the bottom of our hearts, we’ve planned to avoid this for weeks but it’s impossible for two business partners to argue with the Prime Minister of a country.

When business resumes, we’ll notify you via a post here on our blog. Here’s the video we’re referring to:

Prime Minister’s announcement at 20:30 today

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