End of the Wixsite line

The end of an era for our Old Wixsite

Hi Guys!

As you may have noticed on Monday the 2nd March, we were hard at work on our website all day. We added the Raspberry Pi Ad-Blocker to our Store page, we added the services page and accompanying info pages for these – as well as some behind-the-scenes changes and some changes we didn’t quite finish in time to publish on that particular day.

We’re very happy with the rate and manor of which our small company is moving, and we hope the future is as bright for us as it is shaping up to be at the moment, however, unfortunately, to move into the future one must first must let go of the past. For this reason, we’ve scheduled our old Wixsite for complete deletion on Friday 13th March, in light of our current website now having all content transferred that is needed.

Any accounts that have been created on our Wixsite (both existing and created between the writing of this post and the deletion date) will be deleted along with our Wixsite, and in turn, all data associated with them will no longer be stored. We have not exported any data from the Wixsite to our new website or anywhere else and we don’t intend to, either – for privacy reasons.

Any users who wish to use our new website will need to sign up for a separate account on this website manually – sorry for any inconvenience.

We’ve also changed our email system – GMX no longer provides our primary email system, as we’ve got an internal system now! Our primary address is now ‘’ – However, our GMX address still exists so that anyone who contacts it will be informed of the change rather than simply being told we don’t exist.

We’re in the process of updating our Privacy Policy to reflect this. There are some important notes with regards to this email system however:

Firstly, ‘contact@’ is an inbound-only address. It can receive emails, but it cannot send them. As such, when you contact us you’ll receive a response from one of our individual addresses – ‘bpowell@’ or ‘bgeorge@’. This is an expected behavior and no cause for alarm.

Secondly, our new system uses special technologies called DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for validity verification – in a nutshell, these technologies help to provide assurance that any particular email message is sent directly from us and has not been modified whilst ‘in-flight’.

In English, emails from our new system are less likely to land in your spam folder, and a warning will appear when you read a message from us if there’s evidence that it may not be genuine – particularly with services like Gmail – which should help with Privacy and Security. There again, of course, you should always be careful exactly what details you’re sending via email – for example, we would NEVER ask for your payment card information or account password via email.

Thanks for reading! See you again soon

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