Facebook Quarrels

Sadly, our Facebook page is no more. Facebook have found it appropriate to deactivate our page for no provided reason and, we’ve decided not to appeal the decision.

Hi guys! Today is a saddening day for us – from the very first day of our company (back when it was named Star Technology) we’ve used Facebook as our primary social media, we’ve paid for advertising, we even upgraded our URL to a paid one sooner than we planned so that we could set up our Facebook page and we’ve now been forced to remove it.

This is because, in spite of our goodwill for Facebook, in spite of us paying for some of their services and swallowing the costs their other services caused us indirectly, Facebook have deemed our page and our fully legitimate and paid URL as being “against community standards”.

Furthermore, we’ve experienced this situation before, with one of our previous URLs (now defunct). It was originally intended to be our primary URL until we needed features it couldn’t offer.

That plan was abolished when Facebook wouldn’t allow us to create a page with our website’s free address because it’s top-level domain ( was also deemed against community standards. We tried the automatic appeals system and never received an acknowledgement let alone a response, and we simply couldn’t find any way to contact Facebook to discuss the situation.

In the end, we ended up abolishing our plans and paying for a URL ahead of schedule, just so that we could proceed with our Facebook page.

Now, over 6 months later, no less than 6 advertising campaigns via Facebook and additional indirect costs incurred by Facebook, they’ve decided our paid URL is also against their standards and our page was unpublished until this was resolved, as far as we’re concerned, there is no resolution for this situation – thus we’ve decided not to dispute the closure and just to continue on a different platform. Our reasons for this as follows:

  1. Facebook is notorious for Privacy concerns, which go against our core values
  2. We’ve paid Facebook directly for their services and taken the indirect costs solely for the use of their service, as thanks for which Facebook have effectively banned our URL 😕
  3. We feel that some other platforms are more suited to the role than Facebook is, and we’re exploring those options as we speak
  4. We’re under a lot of pressure right now, we have a high number of projects on-the-go or in planning, we have several websites to maintain, we have a Twitter to maintain, our own website needs some more touch-up and still isn’t fully finished and we have three Tax returns to complete (one each individually and one combined) and are having some problems with our HMRC accounts we can’t seem to get any help with and more

So, we’re sorry for the inconvenience, but we won’t be fighting Facebook on this one and, as a result, our Facebook page isn’t going to be coming back any time soon, we’re afraid.

We may also be looking to review the Instagram account, as it’s tied into Facebook that account may also be having issues. If this is the case, we’ll provide a separate update with regards to that.

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