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Follow-up: Server Replacement Statement

An update to our official statement of 1st July 2020.

Update to our official statement made 1st July 2020.

PRELUDE: If you haven’t read our official statement on the issue, please consider doing so here. That article contains information necessary for an understanding of this one.

Our Findings:

In our original statement, we expressed an interest in continuing what we could of our investigation into the cause of our previous server’s problems:

The logs and backups from the old server have been stored offline in a USB thumb drive for analysis.

Official Statement of July 1st 2020

We’ve now completed that analysis, to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, the logs and backups alone weren’t enough to point us to any issues. We were able to find lots of symptoms of the problems throughout the logs and files, but nothing indicating any causes.

Fortunately, though – we’ve monitored our new server hardware very closely since it’s installation, and we’ve been unable to find any evidence of issues like them in the new server. All authentication is working as it should, filesystem permissions are remaining correct and login attempts aren’t being randomly rejected.

Additionally, we’ve deleted all remaining logs & backups from the old server as-per our original statement:

The logs and old backups will be kept only on the thumb drive until up to Monday 13th July when the thumb drive will undergo the same secure erasure procedure as the drives from the old and temporary servers.

Official Statement of July 1st 2020

Those procedures have been followed and all data not present on the new server hardware has been deleted. This includes backups of old customer information from the old server, however up-to-date information remains on our new server, thus all accounts, purchases, posts, email addresses etc are all still present on our system unless the user explicitly requests it’s deletion.

Closing Remarks

We’re always looking to better our services for our customers – we’ll continue monitoring the new server for regressions of this type and we’ll retain the knowledge gained via these issues and act upon them to better our future services.

We are deeply grateful for all of our customers – you’ve been very patient with us while we “find our footing” in the hosting world. No solution is ever perfect, but we strive to achieve as best we are able with our knowledge and available equipment.

As a “thank you” for all our customers for sticking with us through all of these recent events, we’re applying 10% discounts to everything eligible* in our store, current & future until 10th August!

*Our 1-month subscription option for our AKA service is ineligible for a discount because it would fall below our £1 minimum payment. Instead, we’ll disable the 1-month pack temporarily and sell the 3-month pack for the price of it’s 1-month counterpart (50% discount).

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