Future of the Education Assistance project

We’re concerned for the new project, so far called “Education Assistance”…

Hey everyone! We’ve not posted in a little while, but we’re here now! Unfortunately, the news isn’t so good 🙁

Our project plans have now been live for 14 days, but so far, the survey for the project has received 0 responses. We’ve promoted this as much as we’ve been able (although, granted, that’s not a massive amount) and yet it’s failed to gain any interest.

We’re not 100% sure what the driving reason behind this unpopularity is, but we’re making some minor adaptations to the project in hopes of encouraging responses of any kind, including general feedback.

  1. We’re simplifying the survey. It will be split into two different surveys – one aimed at anyone who might benefit from the project (first-person perspective), and another aimed at representatives like parents, teachers or agency staff (third-person perspective)
  2. We’re broadening the scope of the project. It’s no longer primarily aimed at students. Any person of any age can be referred (or self-referred) and all referrals will be considered on a case-by-case basis just like we already planned, with full explanations given for any refusals
  3. We’re removing the hard-set deadline of June 18th previously present, which will allow us to do much more professionally-designed and wide-reaching publicity campaigns. Instead, we’ll discontinue the survey when we have enough data to conclusively determine the viability of the project, and we’ll announce the discontinuation 7 days before it takes place

Both of us here at S-City Tech are very passionate about this project and what it aims to achieve – we’d very much appreciate any feedback at all that you have about this project. Even if you think it just isn’t needed in this day & age, even that would be helpful to us so please let us know!

That’s all for today but stay tuned because we have more announcements to make very soon!

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