Insecure email addresses

We’ve had a recent influx of signups from email addresses we consider insecure and have taken the decision to prevent future signups from a specific webmail service.

Hi guys!

Quick and short announcement today, the decision has been taken, following a recent influx of user signups, to restrict signups from a certain open webmail client known as HideBox (we can’t provide you a link as there appears to be a virus risk! Search at your own peril).

The reason this decision was made is because there is a security concern over the webmail itself, I’ll let them explain:

HideBox home page

Specifically, let me highlight the statement Every account is free, and can be accessed by anyone. This raises a major security problem as passwords are often sent via our email system, even if only temporary ones.

Our user account system is for the convenience of a single user to not need to re-enter details at every comment and to be able to save payment addresses, previous orders, etc.

Any people opting to signup from HideBox in future will be prevented from doing so, and all existing users will be informed of our decision prior to the account closure.

We apologise for the inconvenience, data security is our top priority and publicly accessible passwords is the grandparent of all data security flaws.

If any existing users believe this decision incorrect or unfair, as always we’re open to discuss the situation.

Thanks for reading! See you soon.

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