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A breakdown of our internet-wide refresh project

NOTE: This post has been backdated from our Wixsite!

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Hi again everyone! After much internal deliberation, we’ve decided it’s time to refresh our entire online presence with updated information, better & more relevant graphics, minor design tweaks and consistency alterations both between pages & across desktop and mobile versions of our site and much more!

Generally speaking, there should be no issues with our online outlets, but we feel it’s important to let you know there may be some brief issues from time to time during this process, if you experience any, please just wait a few minutes and refresh the page.

We’ll let you know via our blog when the process is completed so stay tuned!

In extension to the above announcement, we’re also making some changes to our services:

  1. Customer repairs will be “put on the back burner” for the time being and our focus will shift more towards our other services, primarily buying broken goods and reselling them in a repaired state
  2. We’re joining the Linux movement, see the final section of this post for more info on that
  3. We’re changing the way our store works to be more customer-friendly, and in turn, the products that are listed on it are also changing
  4. We’re looking to join the software development community, our first project is a Python 3.6 module that’s designed to be convenient for new and experienced programmers alike by shortening common tasks into a single routine – more info will be made available about this when it’s completed and released

In our “About” page we referred to this as “market re-alignment” as we’re not sure what the real term for it is and we are in essence “aligning” our business better with it’s target market as part of our “refresh”.

Finally, we’re joining the Linux software and wider open-source movements. There are several reasons for this, only some of which are:

  • Community: Tech support becomes far less relevant and subsequently tech scams become more difficult, as large communities gather online on resources like forums, open chatrooms and much much more which means you’ve always got multiple opinions from experts and highly-experienced users quite literally right at your fingertips
  • Privacy: Linux-based Operating Systems (OS’s) and other open-source software has programming that is easy for anyone to read, given the knowledge, which combined with the community as mentioned above, makes it very difficult for any programmer (corporate or otherwise) to collect data without the users realising very quickly – an essential attribute for the values our company
  • Customisation: Linux programs that you install generally follow the theme you’ve set on your system settings, even if it’s customised
  • Reliability: Open-source programs often use GitHub, which allows anyone to submit suggestions to a program, which the developer can choose to approve. This means that problems in the code of open-source programs (known as “bugs” or “glitches”) are generally fixed quite quickly as long as the developer is somewhat active
  • Evolution: Linux operating systems are constantly updated with new and improved features, security patches & more. Plus, Steam recently worked on a program called Proton, which allows you to play a selection of Windows-only games on a range of Linux distributions
  • Variety: Linux-based operating systems come in all shapes and sizes. Want a simple, popular version that’s easy to use, easy to find help for and well maintained? Try Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Want a basic distribution that’s easy to install and relatively easy to use? Try Manjaro. Want something that’s tailored exactly to what you want with no exceptions and don’t mind a learning curve? Try installing your own programs like graphical controls, file browser, web browser and anything else you desire on top of Arch Linux. There are thousands of distributions out there – each one unique in it’s own way, try as many as you want until you find one you like

By default, when we build computer towers we’re going to include Linux Mint pre-installed, and all the customer has to do is set a username and password. Linux Mint is free, however we’re going to donate a flat rate of £2 from our profits to the Linux Mint Foundation for every installation of Linux mint at no extra cost to the customer. Windows users don’t fret, we’re also going to sell an optional USB drive that is loaded with the Windows 10 installer for an additional (currently undetermined) fee from our Store page. It’s important to note that this copy of Windows is not activated – meaning that personalisation features like changing the wallpaper are locked. You’ll need to buy a license from Microsoft if you want this, or transfer your activation from a previous install of Windows 10 (There are plenty of guides available online for this).

We know not everyone understands Linux, therefore, we aim to provide quick tips on our blog posts, a dedicated section for guides, questions and troubleshooting in our forum, pages specifically for Linux documentation on our site and potentially partner with an outside website that has Linux information available.

That’s all the information we have for today. Check back soon for more updates on our “market re-alignment”!

UPDATE 11/10/2019:

We’re working every day on this process, but it’s important to know that this is a huge undertaking – our company may be very young, but a lot of our business structure is based around the original business model, which means these alterations will have an extended transition period, but we’ll work as hard as we can to ensure that there as few side effects as possible to our business services in the meantime.

We apologise if these processes cause inconvenience for any of our clients.

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