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Into The Future

A lot’s changed around here! In this post we provide a breakdown of what we did, why, and what is going to happen in the future.

Hey everyone! As you can see, things around here are very different. Here’s a full breakdown of what we’ve done, and are in the process of doing:

We’ve changed our branding

Firstly, and most obviously, our branding has changed. We’ve rebranded to S-City Tech with the web address, logo and graphics to accompany it.

We did this because we discovered a number of months ago that there’s an Amazon retailer and PC components manufacturer under the name StarTech – not exactly the same as ours, but very similar.

We didn’t acknowledge this at the time, because we knew we’d inevitably receive accusations of using a bigger brand name to ‘launch’ us, so we decided it’d be best not to draw attention to the situation and deal with it quietly. However, in hindsight, this may not have been the best decision as it diametrically opposes our commitment to transparency.

What you can expect in the future

We have no intention to alter this branding again, whereas Star Technology was always internally considered a ‘placeholder brand’ as we couldn’t find brand names which we liked and that weren’t taken in time to launch back in August 2019.

Star Technology was originally only supposed to be the placeholder title for our website, but it ended up sticking around as we couldn’t find a suitable hostname in time for launch.

Over the next few days following this post, we’re going to be live-patching some of the smaller details of our website and altering a lot of our corporate accounts. To make this easier for us and our customers, we’ll be enabling a transitional period from this website to our old one for around 12 months (until our domain registration expires – exact date to be confirmed).

During this transitional period, our old Star Technology domain will redirect to this new address. Any mail sent to our old system will also forward to our new system.

New things with the new brand

A few new things come with this new brand:

AKA service

We’re starting to roll out a new AKA service, whereby we make short URLs for customers. Initially, we’ll make URLs for select clients and we’ll perfect the system. Eventually, we’d like to make this service available publicly and aim to make the per-view fee as low as feasibly possible. We’ll be updating you more as this project progresses.

Third-Party Partnerships

We’re looking to partner with third-party companies and organisations with mutual benefits in the near future.

Future Projects

We’ve also had an idea for a very big project, which is still in the earliest stages of development and would essentially require assistance from some type of partner to pull off – we’re very excited to get to work planning, pitching and negotiating this project because if it were to succeed, we’d be helping some of those who need it the most & we’d be incredibly proud of our achievement.

We can’t announce this project yet because we haven’t planned much about it, but as soon as we’re able we’ll be making a dedicated post for it.

We’re also planning to start releasing pre-recorded podcasts, this project is already overdue but we’re very close to recording our first episode!

Projects that are sadly no more

However, unfortunately, as always the good always comes with some bad – we simply couldn’t maintain the workload we were putting ourselves under, so we’ve had to prune some projects. Project FUJI has been handed off to one of the founding partners as a personal project and the StayHome portal is due for discontinuation as our failure to maintain the portal at it’s launch has done irreversible damage to the project’s reputation.

We started the StayHome portal with the best of intentions, but sadly we didn’t really back our intentions with actions – we’ve got no excuses for this, we just screwed up. We’re always aiming to better ourselves and this is certainly an occasion that highlights an amount of room for improvement.

Closing Remarks

It’s no secret that we’ve made some mistakes – and we’re not ashamed to admit that. We’re human just like you. We’re always doing our best, but we simply can’t be prepared for all scenarios at all times. Whenever a problem comes to our attention, we’re not opposed to working around the clock to resolve it as quickly as possible, and in fact we have in the past.

Namely the recent unexplained outage for our server that recovered autonomously – we worked around the clock to find out what happened. Of course, we hit a brick wall, but we did everything in our power to find the cause and prevent a recurrence, we’re still monitoring the server quite closely even now.

We hope you understand what we’re trying to convey, and we’d like to thank every one of you for your patience through our recent mistakes and the landslide of changes that closely followed.

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