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Company and site launch

A detailed breakdown of the plans for launch day.

NOTE: This post has been backdated from our Wixsite!

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Hi guys! We’re sorry we haven’t updated you in a few days, but here’s a catch up: today was a very big day for the small but determined Star Tech Team. We have actually acquired the office keys today and are currently set for a Monday full site and company launch.

Here’s the breakdown of whats going to happen in the next few days:

So first we will be personally repairing some none customer devices in order to ease ourselves slowly into consumer level device repairs.

Secondly, we will be launching a lot more Social Media outlets under the brand name including an Instagram page where you will be able to get a detailed in depth look at the current goings on at Star Tech.

Finally, we will be launching the site officially and beginning to raise awareness of the existence of Star Tech, we can’t wait to start repairing and building for everyone!

Safe to say we are more than excited to go live and can’t wait to start learning and trading stay tuned for more updates on the business!

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