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Long time, no post – we’re sorry!

An apology for being absent for a while, and a breakdown of what we did during that time

NOTE: This post has been backdated from our Wixsite!

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We’re sorry we haven’t posted in a long time guys! Things have been very hectic as you’ll soon see.

To the point – we’ve made some changes. Mostly a lot of small ones. Here is a basic breakdown of what we’ve done:

  1. We’ve added some features to our site like Callback services and a back-to-top button
  2. We’ve added a cookie notice to comply with UK law
  3. We’ve altered our payment provider from Wix to Square following Wix’s failure to pursue our application with any degree of interest or care and allow payouts from customer transactions, and as a result lifted the temporary method of manual invoicing
  4. We’ve made a lot of internal plans for things like a new electrical system at our office, future transfers for email, website and FTP services away from our current providers and more
  5. We’ve obtained office equipment to produce hand-made business cards internally as a somewhat controversial service and intend to utilise this ability for increased local publicity
  6. We’ve finished cleaning and basic repairs to our office
  7. We’ve opened an Instagram account:
  8. We’ve attempted to open an Amazon Business account and been refused on the grounds that we aren’t employed by another company IE receiving regular paychecks and not VAT registered yet due to our company being so young
  9. We’re considering additional services, for example network installations/upgrades, ongoing repair and maintenance services for businesses, and a few more. EDIT: Wix is refusing to provide paid plans on a payment service that isn’t their own, PayPal or Stripe. We’ve been forced to remove them for now, until we find an external service or alternate manual solution on Wix. We’re considering things like a store product followed by monthly manual invoices, or some such
  10. We’re running the numbers on adding an additional cost-saving benefit to our paid subscription. We’re considering things like free delivery or a percentage discount
  11. We’ve added a one-off support us donation and adjusted some pricing
  12. We’ve made preparations to use our own Office computer tower available from the store in our office to experience the suitability for ourselves

As you can see, we’ve been quite busy. But that’s no excuse for not updating you guys! We’re going to aim to do better in future. Thanks for reading!

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