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Our new website

Our new site is now up and running!

NOTE: This post has been backdated from our Wixsite!

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Hi guys! We’d just like to announce that our new website is going well in spite of some initial hurdles.

We’ve had to replace our server hardware already as the performance of our planned hardware was unacceptable, but we were able to repurpose the original hardware for internal purposes so we don’t view it as a loss.

We have changed our plans slightly however, originally we were going to keep our current “” until it expires and register a new domain, this was due to a limitation in our provider that didn’t support the extension our site uses (.uk), but as we’re changing provider we can now transfer our existing domain name. We will, however copy over the blog posts to the new site for legacy purposes and provide a link on each site to the other for 6 months following the migration, at which point we’ll take down the old website.

But we’re all systems go at the moment and we’re just applying the finishing touches to our new site before we transfer the URL and publish the new site. We hope your as excited as we are about the new website 🙂

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