Security Statements

Official Statement: Tracking on “Contact Us”

Our official statement of the incident involving Facebook tracking users localised on our contact page.

What happened?

On Tuesday, 18th February, we added an embeded Facebook Messenger widget to our “Contact Us” page – the intention was to make it easier to get in touch with us. At first glance, this was simply a design template to add the button & it’s accompanying message sending script to our website.

On Wednesday, 19th February, during testing of an unrelated issue which seems to affect certain browsers, Firefox revealed to us that Facebook was tracking users on our website. This goes against our core beliefs as a company and is a potential security problem.

What are we doing / going to do in response?

In this day & age, tracking on the Internet is something we must accept. It is an unfortunate reality of modern times, and is unavoidable in day-to-day life.

Nonetheless, we WILL NOT allow or accept identifiable tracking on our website. Simple statistics that are anonymous by very premise, and available to us and us alone is the closest we will allow on our website.

In response to this incident, Facebook’s embedded widget has been removed from the “Contact Us” page and will not be reinstalled in future. We will also conduct further research before adding any 3rd party content to our website from now onwards.

Closing Statement:

Here at S-City Tech, privacy is one of our core values. Any analytical information beyond simple statistics is simply unacceptable and a risk to the privacy of our users. We apologise for this brief lapse in the integrity of our contact page, and we aim to prevent it or similar incidents from happening again.

We greatly apologise to any users who may have been tracked by Facebook during this approximately 24-hour period.

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