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Our Core Values

We finally lay out our core values as a partnership in one central place for all to see.

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve posted – we’ve had our hands full with the server lately and now we’re due to a volley of 5 phone repairs 😯

Today’s post isn’t about any of that, though. It’s about something much more important. Here at S-City Tech, we’d like to think we’re very open-minded – individually and as a partnership.

We’ve mentioned in the past that we have some core values that make up everything our business is and that guide every decision we make for the business. Today we’re going to discuss them – please note that the order here is for presentation only, no particular aspect mentioned here is more or less important than any other.

Security & Privacy

We usually count these as 2 separate points but one rarely crops up without the other, so we’ve combined them in this breakdown. Nonetheless, we take security very seriously. We appreciate the damage that can be done if personal data falls into the wrong hands. We protect our customers as best as we are able – by not collecting unnecessary data and very closely protecting any data we do collect.

We also won’t identify any particular customer to another, or anyone else for that matter, unless we’re somehow legally bound to do so – but that is highly unlikely.

We also have a number of procedures in place which we really can’t detail (I’m sure you can understand why) – however there is one widely publicised procedure which we’ve used before. Essentially, we have the ability to delete the encryption key on our server very, very quickly. If we then shutdown or reboot the server as well, nobody can access the encrypted data except 1 of us (again, we can’t detail who – I’m sure you can guess why).


We also aim to be very open with our customers. We don’t intend to add the classic ‘corporate spin’ to things that happen. We’ve done it before – if we mess up, we tell you ‘We messed up’. Just recently, we failed to keep up with our StayHome project and we admitted that we’d failed with that and there were no excuses. That is the level of ‘plain English’ that we aim for.

We also keep you as up-to-date on our company & our projects as much as we can. There are only 2 of us, and on the flipside of that, sometimes not a lot happens, but we do our best.


We believe it is entirely unacceptable to exclude any individual or group from our services for factors such as gender, race, religion, orientation and many more.

The only somewhat excepted characteristic in this regard is age – there are legal requirements and limitations to selling goods & services to minors (individuals under the age of 18). In which case, of course, we can’t do so. However, all people above the age of 18 will be treated equally by ourselves. Besides which, we aren’t aware of any restrictions on the services or products we currently offer (at the time of writing) to minors, so this doesn’t currently apply. At least not to our knowledge.

We believe that everyone that should be treated equally. Individuals will only ever be banned from our site & services that they are in full conscience of, IE their deliberate actions towards us and/or other customers.

The only ever time a group was banned from our site so far (at the time of writing) was a group that were using an email system that allows messages to be sent & read by anyone without even needing to be signed in. We decided there was a potential security risk because our website sometimes sends passwords via email, so we closed their accounts. All individuals were informed by us directly via email, and all they’d need to do is sign up for a new account via a secure mail provider such as Gmail or Outlook. You can read more detailed information about that incident here if you’d like.

Just one more thing…

There’s currently a movement around the world at the time of writing called ‘Black Lives Matter’. We’d like to quickly mention why we haven’t expressed support for this as thousands of other companies have.

It essentially boils down to this: while we whole-heartedly support the movement and agree with what’s been said by millions of others, as both individuals and as a partnership – we don’t have anything new to add to the topic. This has been the case with at least one other movement in the lifetime of our partnership, too.

If there is ever a movement made and we have something to add the conversation, we will absolutely post about it in support of the movement. However, it really doesn’t take a lot to say you agree with the majority of the world on a matter – when we say we agree with something, we want it to hold weight. We don’t want our customers to think that we agree with everything in the world for the sake of good PR.

Just to clarify, when we don’t address something, it does not mean that we don’t support the movement, it doesn’t mean that we are selfish, ignorant or anything else, either. It simply means we have nothing to say that thousands or millions haven’t said before us.

Thanks for reading!

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