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Our first hurdles have revealed themselves!

We’ve hit some small snags that may delay our launch day

NOTE: This post has been backdated from our Wixsite!

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Evening guys! We’ve found some issues during our live test today, and having explored our site host’s website it’s become clear that we were mislead.

Wix (our website host), mislead us several times in the last few days. Firstly, when we paid for our Business subscription, the price was higher than advertised and came with less features than expected, which we can deal with. So we ground our teeth and moved on.

Secondly, Wix explicitly states that they charge no fees for e-commerce on Business subscriptions. However, when we applied for Wix Payments, they do in fact charge 20p + 1.9% of the total on every transaction. This upset us, but wasn’t a major issue.

Next, services that Wix advertise quite profusely in popups while your editing your site and imply to be free, simply aren’t. They come as part of a separate plan called Wix Ascend, and without doing further research it can be difficult to come across this information. Especially when, like us, you complete all your Wix Ascend settings before you pay for Wix Premium, in which case the “upgrade” button is easily mistaken as an upgrade to Wix Premium.

And finally, automatic email responses, reminders, the member login section, price quotes, invoices and even form submissions fall under plans that are entirely separate from Wix Premium. And this information was not communicated with us effectively, and is instead buried in a small number of “bullet points” in the help section pertaining to Wix Ascend.

As a result of these issues, large sections of our site were taken down this morning, and others left with bad links, incorrect information and more.

We’ve now adapted our website to these problems and we have a much more “manual” plan of action for now, just to be on the safe side. The affected parts of our website may or may not be restored in the future. However, to compensate for the new lack of a contact form, we’re investing in a Business-only phone in the coming weeks. We have already obtained the SIM card, and the number is posted on our website. The device is to be purchased in the next few weeks.

We at Star Technology are quite proud of how we’ve dealt with this series of complications, however all is not so easy – there is one unresolved issue between ourselves and Wix that may delay our launch day, Wix has not yet approved our request to process our store payments. If they do not do so on Monday, our launch will unfortunately have to be delayed.

We are currently powerless to do anything about this issue. Wix are checking the identity of our brand and will respond to our request when they are satisfied.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience these issues may have caused.

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