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Phase 1 of our refresh is almost complete!

We’ve nearly finished Phase 1 of our company refresh

NOTE: This post has been backdated from our Wixsite!

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Hi guys! A short and sweet one today, we’ve finished most of phase 1 from our refresh – the website. We’ve adjusted the colour themes for consistency, where possible. We are aware there are some small issues with mobile versions of 2 of our pages, but they are still readable and functional. It’s an aesthetic-only error that seems to be out of our control. The element’s settings are all correct but for some reason one of those settings isn’t applying correctly ONLY on the mobile version of our site.

All we have left to do is a little bit of troubleshooting to make sure all pages are working as expected and to investigate a potential issue that’s come to our attention that may prevent customers from making payments under certain conditions. Unfortunately the member area of our site is Wix’s design and we’re very limited in the ways we can change the design of those pages.

We’ll be moving onto phase 2 shortly – social media. This phase basically entails overhauling the graphics, layout and info on our various social media platforms to bring them up to the standard we’d like and expect from ourselves.

Once phase 2 is complete, we’ll move onto phase 3 – services. During this phase we’re going to re-examine our service offerings and act on our decisions. Some services may be removed, some added, and the priorities of the various services will be shifted based on our capabilities, customers, partnerships and more.

From phase 3, we’ll extensively verify and test every aspect of our company – making tweaks and adjustments as necessary to meet the standard for which we are striving. If necessary, we’ll perform previous phases over again or add additional unplanned phases if we feel we can do better or missed aspects of our goals, however small.

And finally, phase 4 – “Music on, heads down!”. This phase depends heavily upon phase 3, but the best way to describe it would be that we’re going put enormous hours into the services we deem to be prioritised (in preliminary plans, these are suggested to be reselling repaired goods – but these plans are in need of refinement and finalisation), as well as working on publicity and marketing to match – one of us will work on one aspect only and we’ll switch on a rota to keep the workload fair and balanced between both of us.

Thanks for reading! We appreciate your patience during this process.

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