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Potential plans for Project FUJI overhaul

We lay out some potential plans for an overhaul of Project FUJI

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Hi everyone!

We’re writing today to announce that we’re assessing alterations to Project FUJI. Here is a breakdown of some of the proposed changes:

Firstly, the most major update for the Project is that it may be re-written in an alternative language instead of Python, such as Lua or shell scripting.

This is because, during coding and testing we’ve found that there are many factors that can go wrong during the installation of the Python module and software manager, and error-handling an incompatible Python version in the software manager simply isn’t possible as Python itself raises an error about the contents of the script before it’s ever executed if the script is run in Python 3.4 or lower.

We’ve also hit many delays in the project so far – most of which were related to Python in some way. As a result, we feel that switching to another language may be beneficial as it’s easier for the end user to install and use, it’s easier for us to code, test & distribute and we may be able to integrate a UI a little more easily and cleanly when we have the underlying fundamentals working to a standard with which we are happy.

Secondly, a structural alteration – we may “break” the current module into individual and independent modules. I.e. a general convenience module, a settings module, logging module, etc.

Alternatively, we may re-write the modules in the form of dedicated commands which would make the module available across multiple languages, which would allow us to make Project FUJI language-independent.

Finally, we may add a second package cache which contains “approved & vetted” user-submitted software and support for additional custom caches that are created by the user.

NOTE: For security reasons, custom cache packages will have a permanent disclaimer when installing via the manager.

Our primary aim with Project FUJI and the software it contains is ease-of-use for both the end user and programmer, and make it a little easier for end users to get into programming, if they wish.

With that goal in mind, we’ve considered building our own Linux Distribution with similar goals – however we’d only begin development when we’ve gained more skills and the remainder of the project is released and stable, which is currently projected as late 2020.

After which the development of the Linux Distribution could take anywhere from a few months to years or more, we’re only two people and the development of a Linux Distribution contains multiple languages and is generally accomplished by teams complimented by a global community. Here’s a basic philosophy bullet-point list of the goals and notes:

  1. Based on Arch Linux
  2. Easy to use for the end user
  3. Terminal can be avoided as much as possible
  4. LXQt or KDE Plasma Desktop Environment
  5. Project FUJI integrated with the stock software manager
  6. Custom installer with hibernation options, timezone setting, keyboard layout, auto updates, disk partitioning, user encryption, etc
  7. Easy updates and update alerts integrated.
  8. Timeshift backup utility installed by default
  9. Custom primary software repository, backup is stock Arch for compatibility
  10. Common driver management panel for ease of use


These plans are proposals only, and may be altered, amended or simply not actioned.

We’ll provide updates as they are available and we’ll continue to work hard on Project FUJI and all of it’s components.

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