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Problems with Google Search results

A quick rundown of the problems we’re having with Google search, and our working theory.

Hi guys!

Just another short update today – we were informed in the early hours of this morning about some problems with our Google search ranking. The message was as follows:

Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 1 Coverage issues: Submitted URL seems to be a soft 404

Google Search Console

Upon further review, the page with the problem is our Store page – which loads as intended. We’ve been looking into this all day, making tweaks to the page, submitting for re-verification and more.

We still aren’t entirely sure what the problem is, and we’ll keep investigating, but right now our working theory is that Google believes the Store page is false because there’s currently no products uploaded, which causes the page to show an error saying that no products were found – we believe this is most likely why Google believes the page is incorrect. However, this is just a theory. Nothing is confirmed as yet.

We’ll continue looking into the problem, our product launches are due soon, hopefully launching some products will resolve the problem.

Thanks for reading! See you soon

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