We’re gearing up for some product releases

We’re releasing our first products (on this website) very soon! Check on our website 14 days from today for more info.

Hi guys!

Just a short one today, you may have noticed on our Facebook that we’ve created an event simply titled “Product release”… What product? Well, you’ll find out on March 2nd – 14 days from today!

We can, however, say that maybe there’s more than one product coming – however we can’t definitively confirm or deny that just yet.

The one product that IS definitely coming is in testing with companies who are in the same building as us, but based in independent studios. It seems to be working as per specifications, and none of the said studios have reported problems to us as yet.

Our own internal testing hasn’t reveal any issues as yet, either. We hope the product will meet our customer’s expectations and we’ll continue to release additional scripts as well as tips, tricks, etc.

One important note we feel we must add: this product is intended for ease, not necessity – it’s possible and not necessarily even difficult to create your own, which we detail on the accompanying publications.

When you buy one from us, your paying a little extra for us to do the following on your behalf before the product is despatched:

  • Assembly of the product
  • Inclusion of components in the package that normally require separate orders, and thus higher p&p charges, etc
  • Installation of an OS on the product
  • Updating the OS on the product
  • Adding your WiFi details to the product, if you’d like, to make setup easier for you

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