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Some urgent changes

We’re making some urgent changes to our website!

NOTE: This post has been backdated from our Wixsite!

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So we have had a meeting today, the result of which was that due to some complications with our website provider Wix, we are no longer paying for their Freemium service. As a result you will start to notice that the site URL will be different when you are on the page and user sign in will no longer be available – the current URL will still redirect to the new URL while we are resolving this issue.

We are sorry for this inconvenience, we’ve had many issues with Wix over the few months we’ve used it and as a consequence we are no longer going to utilise the service they offer. We are looking into a self-hosting solution as we speak and aim to have this ready by the end of January at the latest.

The new solution we’re deploying will make use of Raspberry Pi hardware and, amongst other services – to make the best of this situation we’re planning to release a time-lapse of the assembly process once it’s completed.

This situation is not without it’s upsides, however! The plan as it stands today is to continue using the free version of Wix until our self-hosted site is ready, our domain name “” will expire on the 4th August 2020, and will redirect you to this website’s new URL until that time. Along with our web server, we’ll create and utilise our own File Sharing and Email servers, all using TLS security – which means that we are responsible for any data stored on them and nobody else, aiding us in security and privacy.

We aim to make the new website similar in design and styling to the current website to aid the transition of our customers. As always, we’ll keep you updated via our social media and this blog as much as we can.

Unfortunately further delays to Project FUJI may be caused by this development whilst we work to get things back on track.

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