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A small but manageable problem with our server

A small problem with our server will mean our site will go down for up to an hour while we perform repairs

We’ve run into an issue with our Website’s server after an update that was performed yesterday – the Secure Shell (SSH) service, which we use to manage our server, was included in this update.

Updating the service has deleted the list of authorised security keys that we use to access the server remotely for administration purposes, effectively locking us out.

This is an easy issue to fix, but the fix will take some time as our server is located off-site, we need to physically go to the server and re-upload the keys manually using a USB drive, mouse and keyboard.

We’ll also take the opportunity to button-up some user settings, as we’ve discovered some of our settings can be exploited for nefarious purposes. This is HIGHLY unlikely, as the assailant would need to bypass our network security, firewall, password and security key protections and more security measures to even be presented with the opportunity, but we’d rather not tempt fate.

This process will require that the server go offline temporarily, and will take around an hour in total.

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