We’re changing the StayHome portal

We’re making some changes to the StayHome portal, due to low demand and high workload.

Hi guys! It saddens both of us to see that our StayHome portal has had 0 non-admin visitors in the last 7 days, and less than 10 throughout it’s entire up-time.

We created the portal with the best of intentions, but clearly, our own failings in maintaining & advertising it have had an irreversible affect on it’s longevity.

Therefore, from today, the StayHome portal will be replaced with a page on our main website. This page will be vastly different to the current portal, and it won’t support it’s own posts separate from the main site as our current portal does, but the content will be largely similar, and it will remain available to everyone, not just S-City customers.

We’re doing this because we’re working on big changes behind-the-scenes, and frankly, maintaining the portal along with our main site would be very difficult right now – in order to work on our 3 unannounced projects, garner interest in the portal, maintain our own site and Twitter, search for and extensively vet additional/alternative suppliers (even temporary ones), advertisers & social media platforms whilst also maintaining an additional sub-site – we’d need to work much more than we already do. Considering we both have outside commitments right now as well, it’s simply an impossible workload, as of right now.

Additionally, what I mentioned is only the primary points of our to-do list. There’s a lot of smaller things on there we need to see to, some of which are long past overdue. There’s over 20 items that are waiting to be seen to and they just keep piling up 😮

Of course, this additional workload will balance out once things in the world right now settle down a little. Working from home has us working at a bit of a reduced capacity because we’re operating over SSH command lines, FTP file transfers, WebDAV file sharing and (of course) voice & video calls & conferences.

Once we’ve got access to our office, specialised tools & regular suppliers again, things will get back on track nice and quickly!

We apologise for the series of inconveniences, and indeed our own failings. We’re working hard to get things back to normal – hopefully you understand.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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