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We’re working on Star Technology again!

We’re back working on Star Technology and we hope you’ll like what we’re offering!

Hi guys! We’re finally able to resume some work at Star Tech from our homes, thanks to Brandon P being able to restore his personal PC to working order and the addition of some behind-the-scenes technologies that let us do most of our work remotely, now.

We’re glad to be back behind the keyboards 😆 We’re working on a few projects now, including Project FUJI 😉 I think it’s safe to say we’re both more proud of our new sub-site – the StayHome portal (link removed – now defunct).

This site is available for everyone, it’s not restricted to existing S-City Tech customers in any way. We’ll be posting recommendations for activities over there to help people pass the time during this COVID-19 lockdown.

Our first post over there shows our new Discord server that anybody can join. Some important notes, however. This sub-site doesn’t support accounts and will be deleted when it’s no longer needed.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the StayHome portal and everything we’ve got coming up to offer you! Stay tuned!

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