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These are the services we currently offer here at

S-City Tech both physical and digital.

Just quickly – before you continue….

We understand that sometimes financial situations can make purchases of these values difficult. Particularly with the recent price hike in modern smartphones and desktop computer systems, which is why we offer a service we refer to as ‘Advanced Credit’ – in a nutshell, you reserve an item and pay in whatever small amounts you like, and we’ll send you the item once it’s fully paid for! Click here to learn more

Physical Services

PC Building

We offer a completely custom PC building service – just tell us what you want your new computer to have installed or be able to do and we’ll get back to you with a no-obligations quote. Some templates are available on our store if you’d like a starting point

We Buy Broken Devices !

Do you have any broken devices lying around? We can offer you cash for your broken devices based on condition, likelihood of repair and/or raw material value and we’ll refurbish or recycle them

Digital Services

Phone Unlocking

At present we only offer one service online, however we are looking to add more in the future. We can have most phones unlocked to any network in a matter of 3-5 working days (usually)! Better yet, if we can’t unlock your device you’ll be offered a full refund! Get in touch with us for a quote on you’re specific device.